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the only thing you have to apologize for is that it took you 16 years to meet me. you need to love yourself. i want you to love yourself like i love you.

— you’re like a violet among dandelions, like the sun among the stars. together we’re like a skyscraper among tree houses.

i love you so much. you have no idea.

my boyfriend when i told him i was sorry for dragging him into my messy life
DaMmiT HaNaAH!!!1!
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icelandjr asked:
your personal blog seems interesting but unfortunately the only swedish i know is pojken drinck inte nagat mjolk unfortunately (and i probably didn't even spell half of that correctly)

hahahahahhahahah that’s soo cute!!!! i’m actually thinking abt blogging in english in da future since like wHY NOT but also i would be so lame